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  • Business channels in the narrow wooden door store rent in taller
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  • Enterprise channel costs rise

    The operation cost improvement is another cause of channel of high cost. At present Chinese has started to enter the era of high wages, almost most of the wooden door enterprises the channel operation of artificial salary in a substantial increase, this also led to increasing the cost of channel management. The market competition is intense now, for the terminal, excellent clerk is the core resource scarcity. In order to keep people, high wage, high commission is that the enterprises have to do things, channel operation of wooden door enterprises human hard costs will only continue to rise.

    Wood shop rental costs rise

    Rental costs are the main reason of channel cost rise. It seems that in the industry, push the high channel cost is the primary cause of rental stores. It is understood, wooden door store rents in recent years rising fast, this is an indisputable fact. Relevant personage says: "the store is a commercial real estate forms, new open store itself the cost of property in the rise, at the same time, store operating costs also increased year by year, and the store's strong position, in recent years, the annual rent has more than 10% of the increase".

    The channel construction of wooden door enterprises, with the impact of various factors, its cost is rising. Based on the housing market downturn, rising costs of raw materials and so on, no doubt to the wooden door enterprise to bring the huge pressure. However, in the "channel is king" era, the channel is strong enterprise Hing, wooden door enterprise in this case, needs to expand the other sales channels, to alleviate the high cost channel pressure, to achieve variable strain.

    With the increases in operating costs, but also increase the cost of wooden door enterprise channel, wooden door enterprises want to develop, we must think of a way to reduce.

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