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  • The high cost of wooden door enterprises fall into the pricing crisis
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  • Along with rising raw material prices, more and more enterprises also began to increase the cost of wooden doors. Many enterprises in order to ensure their own profits, take the most direct, the most effective method to resolve the cost pressure -- price. But the price is really a good way to deal with the cost of improving the doors?

    To cope with the cost increase: Price & maintain the original price

    It is understood, since this year, many large wooden door enterprises without the fear of market sales pressure, have raised the price of some products, and other small wooden door enterprises are under the pressure of survival to raise the prices of related products. But at the same time, there are also some wooden door enterprises held on to, and no rises with the public, but hope that through other ways to cope with the rising cost of the situation.

    Price is not good measures of self promotion, enterprise is the key

    Wood products prices to enterprises, nature is love to see and hear, but consumers can pay may not. But the wooden door enterprises must recognize, raising prices is a kind of representation, it should not be the cost passed on, simply by the consumers. Behind the doors also need to continuously upgrade the enterprise from product added value, content of science and technology, quality and other aspects, so as to realize the products of high quality, high added value, high value, high price in order to deferred.

    Be very careful in reckoning, wooden door enterprise can also through the micro innovation, and strengthen the research and development of new products design, through material substitution, simplify the process, improve the quality grade rate and other measures, so as to reduce production costs, marketing costs, management costs, financial costs etc..

    At the same time, wooden door enterprises on production, management and reengineering, management the implementation of process optimization, can also create conditions in order to reduce the cost of fundamentally. Control the cost will reduce the cost of foreshadowing, such as to reduce procurement costs, are effective methods to improve inventory turnover rate, improve asset turnover rate, reduce the cost of human resources, reduce the time cost and efficiency cost etc..

    Wooden door industry "high cost era", indicates that the new competition pattern and the pattern is formed, the Countermeasures for different and different ideas and thoughts. In short, in this high cost era, wooden door enterprise if want to realize the sustainable development we must constantly adjust their own, for own brand strength in the market.

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