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  • Door enterprises independent shop boom boost the brand image and the electric marketing
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  • Nowadays, the enterprise information and the electronic commerce has become a trend, the enterprise only grasp the trend, innovation will be the lasting competitiveness. As the enterprise should grasp this good online store system solutions, for enterprises in the simplified channel, increase sales, reduce operating costs, show the way of enterprise products, improve corporate image and other aspects are recognized by many users.
    This marketing model is not only suitable for garment industry, life and so on, for the door industry enterprises is quite necessary means of management, can not only experience known as Tmall mall marketing model, but also can really experience to bring low cost and quality management slam profit!

    The definition of the shop:

    As the name suggests is a shop online shop, as a form of e-commerce, is able to allow people to actually buy while reading, and through various means of payment for payment to complete the whole process of the transaction website, currently online most are using Taobao, eBay, patted ah, purchase at the mall, etc. The three party platform open, make your own e-commerce site contains a large amount of technology, and the huge investment.

    The development of the shop:

    The shop is from the beginning to evolve into a kind of not only can display products can also allow visitors to actual purchase behavior of single site online display products.

    The shop features:

    1, convenient and quick. Process without decoration procurement and so on ordinary shops must pass through, the little mouse to play the keyboard can open a shop.

    2, the transaction quickly. After both parties reached intent can immediately payment transactions, through the logistics or express in the form of the goods to the buyer's hands.

    Large quantities of goods caused by pressure, not 3. You can't shop entities, but only to open a net shop, because may not need to press goods, which is a characteristic of the shop to attract people.

    4, the management is convenient. Don't need you to please the clerk to see shop and then ran all the way on the goods placing shelf, everything is in the Internet, see your goods shelves only need to click the mouse you can re loading.

    5, various forms of. No matter what to sell can find the right form, if you have relatively large funds can choose to use common procedures set up shop, also can choose a good shop service provider to register and then trading.

    The 6 most important, trust. Online transactions can not provide real experience, causing buyers tend to like and own more trust business transactions. So if the first smooth transaction buyers back rate is higher.

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